How to Be Welcomed as a Traveller Anywhere in the World

The one single thing you should learn to be welcomed in any country is it’s language. A desire to learn the language shows the locals your sincere desire to make authentic relationships and to get to know their country deeply and that resonates with ALL PEOPLE. And if there’s one phrase you should start with, it should, of course be “Hello!” greeted with a smile on your face. Continue reading “How to Be Welcomed as a Traveller Anywhere in the World”

3 Awesome Fukuoka Day Trips You Shouldn’t Miss

Travelling around Japan is very convenient because everything is accessible by train or bus. Walking is also pleasant because the city is clean and safe. Here are a few recommended places to go to for day trips around Fukuoka. Continue reading “3 Awesome Fukuoka Day Trips You Shouldn’t Miss”

Mount Yufu Timelapse

Mount Yufu (由布岳 Yufudake) is a uniquely formed volcano located on the border of Yufu and Beppu, Ōita, Japan. It is the first thing that will greet you the moment you get off the train in Yufuin Station, a three-hour train ride away from JR Hakata Station. The shape of the volcano is unique due to its two peaks – ‘Higashi-mine’ (East Peak) and ‘Nishi-mine’ (West Peak) with the west peak being a meter higher than the east.

Click here to watch the video 

The video site is on a bridge located a few hundred meters from Yufuin Lake, another popular tourist spot in the area. While shooting this timelapse, several tourists would drop by and take selfies in the middle of the bridge with the great view of Yufu and its camel peaks behind them.

This timelapse was created sometime late November and it was able to catch the remainder of Koyo or autumn season in Japan during the morning hours. The smoke is actually boiling steam coming from the river meeting the frosted morning air above. It was extremely cold while this timelapse was being shot and it took all effort not to jump into the hot waters of the flowing river.

This short video was edited using Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop CC and LRTimelapse. Enjoy  and hope you get inspired travelling to Yufuin with this video!

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Women

Being a petite 5-feet Filipina, buying a backpack for my frame was difficult. After researching for hours on the internet, I decided on a Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL. I’ve been using it for hiking and trips abroad for almost a year. Has it got my back or should I switch packs? Read on for my verdict! Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Backpack for Women”

Hiking & Photography – More Fun in the Philippines

2016 has been a year of hiking and climbing different mountains near Manila. I started with a pretty easy climb up Mount Kupapey in Maligcong, Mountain Province. Around the same time, I bought a new camera and started dabbling with photography. Hiking and photography made for an addictive combination – I found myself wanting to hike every chance I get to practice. It’s definitely more fun hiking and learning photography in the Philippines!

Continue reading “Hiking & Photography – More Fun in the Philippines”

Pack Less, Travel More – 8 Backpacking Hacks for Women

Packing light is more challenging for women than men. Men have basic needs while women have intricate factors to consider when travelling. But if you are a serious travel bug you should follow this no-nonsense guide to packing light for women and you’ll be on your way to a “pack-less-travel-more” adventure.

Continue reading “Pack Less, Travel More – 8 Backpacking Hacks for Women”

Kyushu — Japan Less Traveled

Kyushu is a region to the southwest of Japan that is less frequented by tourist compared to the more popular Kansai and Kanto regions where Osaka and Tokyo are in, respectively.

Fukuoka International airport is the gateway to Northern Kyushu and is connected to the local airport and subway transport systems. Travel is convenient with most tourist destinations accessible by JR trains and local subway trains.

There are relatively few tourists in this area– a lot of times I’d be walking around by myself surrounded by locals but the tourists I encountered were mainly Koreans. Most signages are written in Japanese, Chinese and Korean rather than English.

Recommended places to visit: In Hakata city — Ohori Park is a half-day trip accessible by subway train. There is an Art museum in Ohori koen but is under restoration. Yufuin and Beppu are popular onsen (hot spring) destinations and warrants at least a two-day visit to imbibe its rejuvenating atmosphere. There is also the enchanting Mifuneyama Park, Yoshinogari Park, and Nanzoin Temple which are all accessible by JR Trains. Kawachi wisteria tunnel is also a beautiful place especially in the summer but is very touristy.

If you have more than a week in Kyushu, its southern region has more to offer.

Kyushu is a provincial region west of Japan that is less travelled but has the charm that rivals the historic Kyoto of Kansai and the vibrant Tokyo of Kanto region in central Japan. It is well worth visiting. Next time you travel to Japan, head off to the westernmost region for a more relaxing vibe and rustic Japanese atmosphere.


Do you have a less-travelled place in Japan you want to recommend? Share it by leaving a comment below!