How to Be Welcomed as a Traveller Anywhere in the World

The one single thing you should learn to be welcomed in any country is it’s language. A desire to learn the language shows the locals your sincere desire to make authentic relationships and to get to know their country deeply and that resonates with ALL PEOPLE. And if there’s one phrase you should start with, it should, of course be “Hello!” greeted with a smile on your face. Continue reading “How to Be Welcomed as a Traveller Anywhere in the World”

Travel App Series: All Your Must-Have Mobile Apps for Traveling

Planning for your next travel destination should be as much fun as actually doing it. It used to take a laborious amount of time going through travel magazines, brochures, and websites to come up with a complete travel plan, from booking an airfare, choosing where to stay, places to go and what to do and coming up with a budget. But thankfully, with the emergence of mobile applications, this planning process has been made so easy, so convenient and most importantly, extremely fun that it has become as much if not more exciting than traveling. Continue reading “Travel App Series: All Your Must-Have Mobile Apps for Traveling”

Things You Must Know When Travelling Overseas for the First Time

Everyone gets overly excited and anxious over their first overseas trip and that’s normal. But here are some advice to travel like a pro even on your very first travel destination.

A Detailed Itinerary is Not Necessary

Have a general plan. Planning where to go and which sites to visit is important. It ensures each day of your precious vacation leaves is not wasted. But very detailed planning can be stressful and ineffective as it removes any flexibility from your travel. Plan which places you want to visit but space them out appropriately so as to make room for changes. Continue reading “Things You Must Know When Travelling Overseas for the First Time”

10 Inspirational Travel Quotes For 2017


Travelling can mean all sorts of things to different people. To most, it is a form of relaxation, to some an escape, to others a therapy. Whatever travelling brings to you, may this year be the year you pursue more adventures. Here’s a list of inspirational quotations that will make you want to travel more this 2017.

Continue reading “10 Inspirational Travel Quotes For 2017”

3 Steps to Sleeping Better on the Road

Backpacking requires getting as much snooze time while travelling but is almost always an uncomfortable and challenging effort. Here are 3 easy steps to getting a comfortable sleep on the plane, bus or train while on the road: Continue reading “3 Steps to Sleeping Better on the Road”

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Women

Being a petite 5-feet Filipina, buying a backpack for my frame was difficult. After researching for hours on the internet, I decided on a Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL. I’ve been using it for hiking and trips abroad for almost a year. Has it got my back or should I switch packs? Read on for my verdict! Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Backpack for Women”

Pack Less, Travel More – 8 Backpacking Hacks for Women

Packing light is more challenging for women than men. Men have basic needs while women have intricate factors to consider when travelling. But if you are a serious travel bug you should follow this no-nonsense guide to packing light for women and you’ll be on your way to a “pack-less-travel-more” adventure.

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