Beentu is about creating authentic and purposeful travels through travel photography and documentary.

Beentu is created by Geraldine Del Rosario a freelance project manager specializing in IT software development and interior design project, a part-time writer, photographer and a full-time travel geekess. She is currently based in Manila and looking forward to her next travel adventure.

When we go out of the confines of our space, the more we realize how grand the world is and how small we are, how even the smallest of our actions create a ripple of events that changes another human’s tiny life. The more we travel, the easier it is to reach out to a stranger and see from another’s world view and share a part of ourselves until that stranger is no longer. Then we realize the most basic are the most important:

We are all connected and needing one another.

There is victory in understanding and being understood

The goal of life is simply to live and let live. 

-Geraldine Del Rosario