Things You Must Know When Travelling Overseas for the First Time

Everyone gets overly excited and anxious over their first overseas trip and that’s normal. But here are some advice to travel like a pro even on your very first travel destination.

A Detailed Itinerary is Not Necessary

Have a general plan. Planning where to go and which sites to visit is important. It ensures each day of your precious vacation leaves is not wasted. But very detailed planning can be stressful and ineffective as it removes any flexibility from your travel. Plan which places you want to visit but space them out appropriately so as to make room for changes.

Do NOT plan where to eat. Unless you are travelling purposefully to a specific restaurant because you’ve heard a lot of raves about it, where you eat usually is where its most convenient relative to your destination.

Do NOT plan by the hour. A lot of first-time travelers get too excited planning their trip that they plan by the hour. Again, this kills spontaneity and you simply end up frustrated when you find out nothing was followed in your carefully planned itinerary.

The Wall of Language Barrier is Not as Impenetrable as You Think

Language barrier is becoming more and more a thing of the past with most people in your destination knowing basic English. And if it does come to worst that there are no English speakers present, you will ALWAYS get by with hand and body gestures! It also helps tremendously if you could supplement your communications with visual aids like photos and maps, which you can all load on your mobile phone.

Make use of travel apps. There are a massive choice of mobile applications available in the market to help you communicate. There are apps that translate audio from one language to another and even an app for reading text on image and translating it to your language. Be resourceful. Take advantage of technology and you’ll never worry about language barriers.

Learn the basics of the language. Nothing beats language barrier than, of course, learning the language. You only need the very basic to be able to communicate such as the phrases “where is…?”, “restaurant”, “bathroom”, numbers, time, and knowing polite expressions such as “hello”, “excuse me”, and “thank you” will definitely go a long way.

Traveling Light Means Traveling More

First time travelers haul a gigantic luggage around thinking they need this or an extra that, just in case this or that happens. Leave half of what you think you need at home. Anything you are not able to bring, you can buy at your destination for sure. Most of the time, however, you’ll find you didn’t need it in the first place. Need ideas on how to travel light? Read this article for tips on how to pack light and travel more.

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