Manga Kissa – An Alternative Budget Accommodation in Japan

Manga Kissa or Manga Cafe are computer shops with a Japanese twist. Unlike your regular computer shops with aisles of desktops and computer chairs you can rent hourly, Japanese computer shops come with rows and rows of manga on the shelf which you can read while inside the cafe. More importantly, manga cafes are open 24 hours and have private cubicles with either cushioned mats or reclining chairs, making it a great alternative sleeping accommodation!

Rooms in manga cafes can be rented hourly or for longer stays (6, 8 or 12 hours, perfect for sleeping in). They have shower rooms, too, which you can use for an additional but very minimal fee. Manga Kissa rates include free flowing hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, and milk. They also have vendo machines with hot food in case you get hungry during your stay.

Tips on choosing and having a comfortable stay in Manga cafes

  1. Look for manga cafes that are near train stations to make travelling and sightseeing convenient. Here’s a link to a search engine of all manga kissas in Japan sorted by prefecture.
  2. You can use google maps and type in “manga kissa” or “マンガ喫茶” and it will give you all the manga cafes in the map area loaded on your screen. You can check for reviews and see if the cafe is open 24 hours to make sure you can sleep there.
  3. Use eye masks and ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper. Since people come in and go in the manga cafe, it’s unavoidable to be hearing doors opening and closing the whole night so better use ear plugs and eye masks to help you sleep better.
  4. Respect other people’s privacy. You are sharing the manga cafe with students and businessmen who are tired from a day’s work and they want to get rest as much as you do so maintain silence and respect other people’s privacy.
  5. Follow the policies being implemented. In Popeye Manga Cafe, for example, shower time should be done in 30 minutes so make sure you follow that and any other rules of the manga cafe you’re staying at.

Manga Kissa rates

These are the rates for Popeye and Cafe Life Station in Hakata in November 2016.

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