3 Steps to Sleeping Better on the Road

Backpacking requires getting as much snooze time while travelling but is almost always an uncomfortable and challenging effort. Here are 3 easy steps to getting a comfortable sleep on the plane, bus or train while on the road:

No Caffeine or Sugar in Your Drink

Do not drink coffee, iced tea, soda or juices at least three full hours before boarding. These drinks all have caffeine or are loaded with sugar which will prevent you from falling asleep. Instead, drink a glass of wine, warm milk, or hot chamomile tea. These beverages will help you relax and feel sleepy in no time.

Choose a Comfortable Chair

If possible, choose for a seat that is well-cushioned, is wide enough for you to sleep on and can be reclined to get you into the best position for sleeping. Sleeping in upright position stresses your lower back, making sleep uncomfortable and painful.

Use Sleeping Aids

  • Comforter

Bring a blanket or comforter to wrap around your body if you get cold easily.

  • Earplugs and Eye Masks

Use earplugs to drown out the noise. Search for ear plugs on Amazon and you’d be amazed at the variety of ear plugs available in the market. Choose one that will fit your ear – and your budget (some of these specialized plugs are expensive) – comfortably. Also use a soft eye mask to shield your eyes from sunlight or any artificial light.  With total darkness and quiet, your brain is tricked into sensing that it is night time and produces melatonin which is the chemical that helps your body relax and go to sleep.

  • Neck Pillow

Sleeping on the road can be challenging especially when you find your head rolling in all directions every time you doze off.  Investing in a neck pillow is essential to having a good sleep while travelling. There are tons of travel pillows in all shapes and sizes out there but a Beentu™ Recommended product is the Aeros Pillow Premium Traveller. It is made of brushed polyester so it’s extremely soft to the touch and it has no seams sticking out that always scratch the neck. The shape is perfect, with oversized arms that prevent your head from rolling to the side. It is lightweight and easily inflates and deflates to an extremely compact size, making it the perfect travel pillow for backpackers.

Do you have other tips for sleeping on the road? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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