Hiking & Photography – More Fun in the Philippines

2016 has been a year of hiking and climbing different mountains near Manila. I started with a pretty easy climb up Mount Kupapey in Maligcong, Mountain Province. Around the same time, I bought a new camera and started dabbling with photography. Hiking and photography made for an addictive combination – I found myself wanting to hike every chance I get to practice. It’s definitely more fun hiking and learning photography in the Philippines!

Mt Yangbew.jpg
Mt Yangbew La Trinidad Benguet



Tinipak River.jpg
Tinipak River Tanay, Rizal
Mt Romelo.jpg
Mount Romelo Famy Laguna
Mt Kalugong.jpg
Mt Kalugong La Trinidad Benguet
Mt Sapari.jpg
Mt Sapari Tanay Rizal
Mt Kupapey Maligcong Mt Province
Mt Binutasan Tanay Rizal

Which mountains have you hiked in the Philippines? Which is your favorite?

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