Kyushu, Japan

Japan Less-travelled

Kyushu is a region to the southwest of Japan that is less frequented by tourist compared to the more popular Kansai and Kanto regions where Osaka and Tokyo are in, respectively.

Fukuoka International airport is the gateway to Northern Kyushu. It is connected to the local airport and subway transport systems. Travel is convenient with most tourist destinations accessible by JR trains and local subway trains.

There are relatively few tourists in this area– a lot of times I’d be walking around by myself surrounded by locals but the tourists I encountered were mainly Koreans. Most signages are written in Japanese, Chinese and Korean rather than English.

Barcelona travel Photography

What to See & Photograph in Barcelona



  • Guell Park is one of Antoni Gaudi’s landmark artistic works. It is best to visit the park in the early morning to avoid long queues
  • Gaudi’s architectural creations is the main reason tourists go to Barcelona. Visit anytime of the day or if you wish to go inside, take note of each museum’s visiting hours.
  • Montjuic Castle is best visited in the evening to see the fountain show.
  • El Turisme Mata Els Barris signs can be seen all over the city. I’m including this because there’s been a lot of focus about the issue of tourism hurting the local community. Take note of graffiti and signs posted randomly around the city.
  • Sagrada Familia is best to visit in the evening (if not entering the site) to avoid the crowds.
  • Torre Glories is an interesting hotel that is best to photograph during blue hour when it is already lit up.
  • Barcelona University has amazing architecture which reminds me of Harry Potter School of Wizardy
  • Barceloneta is a popular beach in Barcelona where it is best to go during sunrise.
  • Montserrat is a must-go-to mountain with fantastic panorama views
  • Muralla Romana is a barrier wall with fascinating architecture
  • Post office is a great architectural edifice
  • La Rambla is an action-packed street that is best for street photography

Barcelona, Baby!

Barcelona is swarmed by tourists and for very good reasons. I spent a full week in Barcelona and never got tired of places to see and photograph. It is a photographer’s heaven, especially those interested in architecture and street photography. Read on about Barcelona travel photography!





“Lisbon, to me, 
is the Lisbon of Pessoa. 
Just like London is Woolf’s, 
or rather, Mrs. Dalloway’s. 
Barcelona is Gaudí’s 
and Rome is da Vinci’s. 
You see them in every crevice 
and hear their echoes 
in every cathedral. 
I’d like to be the child, 
or rather, the mother of a city 
but I neither have a home 
nor a resting place. 
My race is humankind. 
My religion is kindness. 
My work is love 
and, well, my city 
is the walls of your heart.”  ― Kamand Kojouri